Stretch for personal growth?

Being faced with two really interesting projects recently, I was soul searching as to which was the right opportunity for me. One of the key factors in my decision was how much the project would challenge and stretch me. Now those of you that know me would perhaps not be suprised by that (never oneContinue reading “Stretch for personal growth?”

Time and money

From my days as a project lawyer, I remember hearing “it’s just a question of scope. Or time. Or money”; the three key project variables. Of those, it’s time and money that are occupying my thoughts this week. In particular, the need to strengthen the link in lawyer’s minds between what they do (day toContinue reading “Time and money”

The advisor of last resort?

Speaking with the general counsel of a large multi-national recently, I was struck by the number of opportunities that her external advisors had to impress her. Many law firms often complain that it is hard to develop close, long term relationships with clients because the clients only contact them when they have a problem; the “advisorContinue reading “The advisor of last resort?”