Excited? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Think about your work this week. Did it excite you? If so, what was it that excited you? Can you do more of it? If so, how? When I was in private practice, the first thing I realised I enjoyed doing was big deals. The sort of projects that consume you for the best partContinue reading “Excited? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?”

When lawyers meditate

Calm. Reflection. Space. Words that lend themselves to a description of life in a typical law firm these days. What’s that? They don’t you say? Hmmmmm, you may have a point. As the pace of business increases, and clients (as customers do in most areas of life these days) continue to seek “more for less”, it’s increasinglyContinue reading “When lawyers meditate”

Ever been delighted? By your lawyer?

About to embark on a consulting project for a law firm, I was preparing the kick off session and selecting the tools I thought would work best for them. Six Sigma, one of the leading methodologies for improving quality and efficiency has a core concept called “CTQs”; these are the requirements that are Critical ToContinue reading “Ever been delighted? By your lawyer?”

The rise of the undead lawyer

One thing that has intrigued me over the last twelve months is the number of former lawyers who’ve ended up in really interesting, non-traditional roles in private practice. It’s not easy to pigeon-hole the type of role into any particular category: business development? knowledge management? talent development? strategic support? The roles span all of theseContinue reading “The rise of the undead lawyer”

How hard is your work, really?

Outside the profession, despite the bad press that lawyers get, the majority of people still think of the practice of law as an intellectually challenging job. Fundamentally, I think they are right. It takes time to learn the black letter law that underpins the work, and more time still to understand how to apply itContinue reading “How hard is your work, really?”