Starbucks, the prestigious offices of the modern law firm?

Reading in the legal press about the financial difficulties of UK law firm Halliwells, with many reports citing high property costs as the factor at the heart of their demise, I started thinking this morning about law firms’ property assets. My thinking was compounded by a meeting with Axiom, a pretty cool company, which hasContinue reading “Starbucks, the prestigious offices of the modern law firm?”

You’re working hard, but are you making money?

Holidays with the family are great fun, but relaxing they’re not. However, while soaking up the sun my mind did (very briefly) wander to those hard working lawyers who are slaving away without actually making much money for their firms. The recession has exposed the myth that all lawyers are making stacks of money, andContinue reading “You’re working hard, but are you making money?”