About The Intelligent Challenge Blog

The concept of the Intelligent Challenge was one of the many things I learnt from a mentor of mine, the general counsel and business unit leader of an international outsourcing company. To me it means the ability to ask difficult and thought provoking questions in a direct, intelligent and appropriate way. It is an ability that she had in spades, yet I have found often lacking in other parts of my working life.

It’s both inquisitive and enthusiastic. It’s about moving out of comfort zones, learning and growing. For me this type of question might arise in a client conversation, a discussion with a colleague, a strategy offsite or a coaching conversation.

While the written word can’t convey the full effect of this type of question, this blog aims to make you stop and think, and if the question really lands, perhaps have more of an impact and trigger you to do something different, have a conversation you’ve been avoiding or just look a little differently at a person or problem.

The blog is for those working in, or with an interest in, the business of law. Lawyers in private practice. Corporate counsel. Business development directors. HR professionals. Finance specialists. Managing partners. Consultants. Information providers. Paralegals. IT Directors. The list goes on. All are welcome.

The content examines the business of law through the lens of my experience. The foundations were built on ten years’ practice as a lawyer – six years working in law firms (from small, to national to City) and then four years in the legal team of a US multinational. After completing an MBA with a dissertation on law firm strategy I then spent a year working in market and product strategy for the same company before spending 18 months consulting with law firms and leading the LPO division of an Indian business process outsourcer.

The last six years have been spent working with a global supplier of technology and information solutions to the legal profession, where I have been responsible for the in-house counsel business and the large law firm portfolio.

If that all sounds a bit serious, the blog can’t really be separated from me, which means that while authenticity and integrity are critical, so is a sense of humour which I hope comes across in my writing.

I truly hope you enjoy.