Breaking the chains: free the young lawyers

As we are often reminded these days, the world is flat. Or at least flattening. Trade is global. As the economy picks up, the survivors from the Western economies pick themselves off the canvas, and look enviously at those economies that have continued to demonstrate solid growth over the past couple of years. Whether orContinue reading “Breaking the chains: free the young lawyers”

Team player or liability?

After watching the mighty Liverpool FC destroy their Mersyside rivals at football on Saturday (ok, it was an edgy 1-0 win, but let’s not get hung up on the details), my mind drifted to the importance of teamwork. From there it was a small, sideways step to pondering teamwork in law firms. The increasing sizeContinue reading “Team player or liability?”

The price of information; which is better, a lawyer or an ipad?

With the drool-inducing i-pad being officially announced this week, the spotlight (on it’s way to Apple HQ, admittedly) stopped once again on the publishing industry, and questions were asked once again about what impact ebook readers will have on the publishing houses. Digital media and distribution has certainly changed the face of the music andContinue reading “The price of information; which is better, a lawyer or an ipad?”

When individuality is not all its cracked up to be

It’s great to be an individual, right? Creativity, expression, setting yourself apart? We celebrate these things in many areas of society, but in the business world, it’s not always so straightforward. Take law firms for example; individuality can help drive the creative streak of the business to break the mould. It’s pretty difficult to standContinue reading “When individuality is not all its cracked up to be”

Stretch for personal growth?

Being faced with two really interesting projects recently, I was soul searching as to which was the right opportunity for me. One of the key factors in my decision was how much the project would challenge and stretch me. Now those of you that know me would perhaps not be suprised by that (never oneContinue reading “Stretch for personal growth?”

Time and money

From my days as a project lawyer, I remember hearing “it’s just a question of scope. Or time. Or money”; the three key project variables. Of those, it’s time and money that are occupying my thoughts this week. In particular, the need to strengthen the link in lawyer’s minds between what they do (day toContinue reading “Time and money”

The winds of change

The legal profession has been changing for some time now. In the 12 years I’ve been working in and around it, many of the traditional trappings of the lawyer have been slowly and surely eroded. But in the UK, as deregulation really sweeps away some of the protection that has been preventing supply matching demandContinue reading “The winds of change”

When fear stops you going forward

Thinking about new product development in law firms, the word innovation pops up. That market is one that’s getting more and more competitive, and law firms need to be different to succeed. The problem (as I see it), is that for many firms, as innovation become increasingly important, firms will run up against the widelyContinue reading “When fear stops you going forward”

Death of an editor

The first thing that strikes me about blogging (blatantly obvious when you think about it), is the lack of editorial control. Clearly this has huge benefits in the immediacy and authenticity of messages, and as is oft quoted these days, information wants to be free. But it makes me think for a number of reasons. Firstly,Continue reading “Death of an editor”